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4 months 3 weeks ago #333830 by mlangtry
I Need professional Help was created by mlangtry
Ok, so I'm ok with getting the front end sorted et al (could use some prettying up and maybe some theme help) but what I really need help is on the Admin end.
Let me explain..
I have owners who are NOT tech savvy - at all - and I want to create a front end (not admin back end) logon that allow them to search through the "members" using any of the search-able field (of which I have a lot of) and have the results available in a variety of formats (list views, detailed views, most current photo only, etc...)

I have the Joomla up to date, and the CB up to date and have the plugins up to date, and a current "pro level membership'

I've used the 'search' plugin to create 'canned searches'  which are fine in the grossest of terms, but fail to give the owners what they need at the time they need it
I got the standard "search" page with all of the searchable fields available, but its 12 pages long as the formatting of the page is crap (and I don't know how to change it without breaking everything else - sigh)

Essentially, this is a website for a Casting Company (nextcasting.ca) and the Casting director and her assistants need to be able to create a project (Film, tv series, commercial, theatre ) and assign people to those projects.

I'm willing to invest in other plugins/modules but only if they will do what I need, concretely, proven... I've gone down the rabbit hole of plugin promises only to be let down.
which is why I'm here asking for help.

Ideal workflow:
Owner (logged into front end) creates a project - sets up all the 'days' and numbers of cast/extras/roles per day of project, created canned responses with project info, creates specialty notes for wardrobe, Special skills, acceptance emails, etc...

Owner posts project the front page and on casting job sites and various socials (FB/Twit/Insta etc...ya they all use FB sigh)

Person signs up with a generic profile (go ahead and create one - create it with the username "CB pro - your name" - so I know it's you - to see what data I'm dealing with - and yes at one time or another it will all need to be searchable, including the photos)

Person sees new project posting on the website or on the socials and signs into their profile and clicks on the "current projects" button and chooses the project they are interested in. (Tab on user profile? Projects Page?)

Person then adds project specific details (their availability by date(s) of project, wardrobe specifics, skill specifics etc) and submits themselves and their info specifics for that project. (on that 'Projects" tab? within the users profile? or on a new page??)

Owner (logged into front end) and can bring up that 'Project" and see who has applied. (different views - list, detailed, photos only, etc...Tab or page?)

Owner (logged into front end)  can also search for all the people who meet the criteria for that role (from among those who submitted for the specific project showing up first, and then all the other members who meet the criteria BUT who have not yet signed up for that specific project) - they may have not yet heard of the project but are perfect for the role (right age, height, skills etc)

Owner can them 'select' from applicants and or 'generic members' and "assign" them (temporarily) to a specific role on a specific date (or multiple dates) of that project. (on select... do this)

Member then gets notified (email/txt) that they have been 'chosen' for the following date(s), with details of where and when... (from the detailed notes compiled for each day by owner/assistant)

Member confirms they will 'attend'

Confirmed members are then added to the "daily sheet"  (we currently use google sheets for this part - and have a google account that we can tie into all of this)
"Daily sheets" can be updated and changed by owner (superuser/Admin) and assistants (manager?)
"Daily sheets" can be 'shared' with assistants (with notification) or 'printed' (pdf) and emailed (pdf) to staff/director/production staff, etc...
Rinse and repeat for each day of project, and each new project.

Last minute changes to "Daily assigned" members to roles needs to be available as shit happens, people cancel, life happens etc...
with triggers to notifications.

It's a lot I know, and I can do the grunt work (to a degree) but I need a big brain to get me sorted figuring out the "Owners tools" on the front end.
I can assist with the testing hand in hand with dev.

So, if you are interested and can do what I need done, let me know - rmlangtry@gmail.com
I will expect proof of your abilities of course, before money changes hands (I've been burned too many times with promises of "ya that's not a problem" only to find out... it is.)
I will not pay you to learn how to do it, as I never charge others for me to learn what I need to help them, it's just not professional.
Fees will be paid when the work is done, not before. and no I'm not the kind of dickhead who will keep moving the goal line to put off paying, we can set small targets, reach them and pay them out, then move on to the next if that suits you better, but that will make me suspect your ability to do the complete project vs only a small portion.
If you can only do a portion, like the template cleanup and prettifying of the site, then so be it, be straight up with me, and we'll do just that and I'll get someone else to help figure out the heavy lifting of the "owners front end"
I can talk on the phone, skype/signal/FB share screens etc...how ever you want to walk me through it.

Thanks all for being such great help so far with CB and all the stupid ass questions I've asked.

Mike Langtry

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4 months 2 weeks ago #333832 by krileon
Replied by krileon on topic I Need professional Help
You don't need just help you need an actual team of professional developers. You're not asking for a plugin. You're asking for a full blown specialized application. We do not have anything out of the box that can fulfill the entirety of your needs. I doubt any platform does. I'll try to recommend some possible solutions with what we can provide below.

For user searchability and filtering down based off criteria like height, weight, gender, etc.. my strongest recommendation is to just use the built in userlists. You can create and manage these within CB > List Management and they can search any of your CB fields that have storage. Below is what these look like on our demo site. They're highly customizable as you specify exactly what fields you want them to display supporting both grid and list rendering.


As for the Projects the only thing I can think of that comes close to this requirement is probably CB GroupJive. You'd have the casting company create a Group of type Approval. They'd put all the details they need within that group. Now you'd have actors apply to join that group in an attempt to join the project. The casting company can then manually review each that apply by simply clicking and viewing their profile. The casting company can then accept or reject them from their group. Note GJ has language strings for all of this so renaming everything to Project from Group is trivial. Below is what GJ looks like on our demo site.


I don't have a means of letting actors provide details when attempting to join a project though, but you could have fields on their profile that show availability and the casting companies could just check that information there. There wouldn't be a way to assign them roles either as groups don't have such functionality except that of moderator/administrator which grants higher permissions.

As for role assignment in groups you'd probably need to create a custom GJ integration for that. I can't think of a built in solution for it off the top of my head. The other option is the group owner just lists the role assignment in the About integration, but they'd have to type it out manually as text. Sounds like you're using a CSV for this so an integration that works with the CSV would be possible. You'd of course have to develop that yourself though, which we can assign with to some degree (explaining API mainly).

Kyle (Krileon)
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