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Free Downloads

This area contains download packages for Community Builder package and other related items for all members.

A Free membership or an Advanced, Professional or Developer membership is needed to access this area and the downloads it contains..


Free Downloads archive

Free Downloads archive ( 17 Files )

This area contains archived free releases of older versions (usually just immediate previous version is available).


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PHP Memory Tester PHP Memory Tester

Date added: 09/17/2011
Date modified: 09/17/2011
Filesize: 472 Bytes

This is an Incubator project that we decided to also release as a free download. You should use it as described in our Checking your PHP Memory tutorial.

The zip package must be uncompressed to reveal a single php file that needs to be uploaded to your website as the tutorial article explains.

Joomla 2 CiviCRM User Sync - 2.0.0 Joomla 2 CiviCRM User Sync - 2.0.0

Date added: 01/18/2014
Date modified: 01/18/2014
Filesize: 27.12 kB

This plugin integrates the Joomla and/or Community Builder registration process with CiviCRM.

New Joomla website users (from Joomla or Community Builder frontend or backend registration process) will be matched with existing CiviCRM contact(s) based on their email address.

Once you install this Joomla 2.5/3.x plugin, just go to your Joomla Extensions -> Plug-in Manager and you will see the Joomla 2 CiviCRM User Sync entry. Click it to edit and read instructions on the left to configure plugin parameters on the right. Remeber to enable the plugin.

Note: This plugin will only work with CiviCRM 4.3.4 or better.

Delimiter Magic code file Delimiter Magic code file

Date added: 02/06/2014
Date modified: 02/06/2014
Filesize: 2.02 kB

This code.txt file contains the html code samples used in the Delimiter Magic tutorial.

Country_info sql file Country_info sql file

Date added: 07/15/2013
Date modified: 07/15/2013
Filesize: 17.47 kB

To demonstrate various use case tutorial implementations we have prepared an sql statement country_info.sql file from data provided by the the http://www.geonames.org site  that you can use to import a country_info table into your Joomla database.

Just use your phpmyadmin script to import the sql file into your database.

Please do not ask for support for this file as it is not maintained and just serves to demonstrate tutorials.

Community Builder 2.0.14 Community Builder 2.0.14

Date added: 03/22/2016
Date modified: 03/22/2016
Filesize: 4.03 MB

Community Builder™ (CB) is the complete Social Networking software solution for Joomla™ (3.x and 2.5) that also supports membership management operations and can also be extended through applications programming interface framework.

Community Builder is free (as in beer) open-source GNU/GPL version 2.0 licensed package that has hundreds of additional add-ons providing additional features, functionality and integrations.

There are literally hundreds of built-in Community Builder features that can be exploited to create a truly unique social networking membership environment.

Additional add-ons and benefits and detailed CB documentation are offered on a membership subscriptions basis.

The CB 2.0.14 package you download here can be installed using your Joomla 3.X or 2.5 Extensions → Extension Manager menu and the process will automatically install the following elements:

  • CB component
  • CB Login module
  • CB Workflows module
  • CB Online module
  • CB Library
  • CB Admin module
  • CB system plugin

Once installed you can visit the free Community Builder Getting Started resources and you will also have access to online help pages by clicking on the Help button on any Community Builder administrative page.

On a clean Joomla 2.5.x / 3.x installation the package will automatically configure and publish the CB Login, Online and Workflow modules in the frontend (check template positions) and the new CB Admin module in the backend. When installed on a site that previously had CB 1.9.1 installed all CB 1.9.1 configuration settings will be kept and legacy plugins will be removed (Yanc & Mamboblog & CB Content Author) or depreciated / unpublished (Forum Integration).

Technical Requirements:
Joomla 3.3++/2.5+, PHP 5.3.3+ (including PHP 7), MYSQL 5.1+, cURL must be enabled (including curl_multi_exec).

Powered by Community Builder Footer:
There is a Powered by Community Builder footer on all frontend pages that can be removed for Free by all paid membership subscribers or for a modest fee ($15) for Free members. For more information read our Community Builder Footer Removal article.