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Details for CB 1.2.3 Package

Name:CB 1.2.3 Package

Version 1.2.3 of the Community Builder suite can be downloaded from here.

The package downloaded is named cb_1_2_3-unzip1st.zip and after you download it you need to unzip it first to reveal the following:


  • CB1.2.3_Installation.pdf --> This is an installation guide that will guide you through the installation process.
  • README-NEW-INSTALL.txt --> Read-me guide for new installations
  • README-UPGRADE.txt --> Read me guide for upgrades
  • com_comprofiler.zip --> CB Component
  • mod_cblogin.zip --> CB Login module
  • mod_comprofilerModerator.zip --> CB Workflow / Moderation module
  • mod_comprofilerOnline.zip --> CB Online module
  • cb_expert_files_only_j_1.5.tar.gz --> Expert files upgrade for Joomla installations
  • cb_expert_files_only_m_4_j_1.0.tar.gz --> Expert files upgrade for Mambo installations

Please read the installation guide and the read-me files before posting to forums.

PHP 5+ needed.

Filesize: 6.64 MB
Filetype:zip (Mime Type: application/zip)
Created On: 07/07/2010 00:46
Viewers:All Registered Users
Maintained by:Publisher
Last updated on: 10/04/2010 19:34