Community Builder Footer Removal

Community Builder (CB) is free to download and use on all your websites - forever!

However, development efforts, coding tools and website hosting are not free and CB is supported by a dedicated high caliber team that maintains and enhances it.

This cost is sponsored by the following two contribution funnels:

  • Donations
  • Paid membership for extra add-ons, documentation and support forum privileges

Not everyone using CB will contribute. But this ok - even people who do not contribute can help sponsor further CB development indirectly by letting other people know that their website profile pages are being Powered by Community Builder. This way more people will learn about Community Builder and more people can help financially.

So, all active paid membership levels, including CBSubs GPL customers, are authorized to remove the "Powered by Community Builder" footer by downloading and installing the - free for them - CB Footer Removal plugin (which costs $15 for non paid members) and authorizes remove of the footer link from all their websites and is good for the duration of all maintenance releases for the current CB major release series.

Here is the deal (if you are an active paid member go directly to step 2):

  1. Purchase the CB 2.X Footer Removal plugin for $15 and automatically get a $15 discount (check your email) that you can apply to your next purchase on Joomlapolis during the next 6 months.
  2. Download the CB Footer Removal plugin
  3. Install it using your CB Plugin Management installer (no need to publish it)
  4. Turn off the footer from the Community Builder → Configuration → Integration tab page
  5. Steps 3 & 4 can be repeated on all your CB 2.x websites.

Thank you for your understanding ans your support!

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