Basic CB Configuration

After you install Community Builder for the first time, you should visit your Community Builder Configuration page by clicking on the top menu bar, Components → Community Builder → Configuration or the Community Builder → Configuration menu item.

Here is a list of potential settings that you might want to make right away:

  1. General tab → Name Style can be set to First and Last Name Field
  2. General tab → Date Format can be set as desired based on your locality (e.g., yyyy-mm-dd)
  3. Registration tab → Allow User Registration should be set to yes, independently of global settings
    (this way you can safely turn Joomla registrations off)
  4. User Profile tab → Fields validation in User Management can be set to No
    (this way backend editors are not forced to fill-in all required extra CB fields in user profiles)
  5. User Profile tab → Template Output should be set to Divs (table-less output)
    (this way CB will output user profiles HTML code using CSS styling instead of tables)

You can visit the Community Builder Confguration page at any time and make additional configuration modifications.

In addition to this online reference it is highly recommended that
you download the latest CB Primer Book here!

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