Joomla Community Builder Menu

After you install Community Builder for the first time, you will see a new Community Builder Menu created in your Joomla Menus area. This new Joomla menu contains the following menu items:

  1. CB Moderate User Approvals
  2. CB Moderate Reports
  3. CB Moderate Images
  4. CB Moderate Bans
  5. CB Manage Connections
  6. CB Userlist
  7. CB Forgot Login
  8. CB Logout
  9. CB Login
  10. CB Registration
  11. CB Profile Edit
  12. CB Profile

You can move these already created menu items to different Joomla menu areas as needed or even better you can create Joomla menu aliases to one of these already created menu items.

Please note that the CB Profile menu must remain published for Public viewing since it will be accessed by the Community Builder registration process and thus needs to be publicly accessible. You can place this menu item in a Joomla User menu that has its corresponding menu module published for registered users. This way you will avoid actually showing public website viewers your Community Builder Profile menu link.

In addition to this online reference it is highly recommended that
you download the latest CB Primer Book here!

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