Community Builder Navigation Menu

After you first install Community Builder on your Joomla website you will see a new Community Builder menu added to your main Joomla navigation strip in your adminstrator oages area.

This new navigation menu has the following sub-menus:

  1. Control Panel.
  2. User Management.
    • Add New User.
  3. Tab Management.
    • Add New Tab.
  4. Field Management.
    • Add New Field.
  5. List Management.
    • Add New List.
  6. Plugin Management.
    • Install New Plugin.
  7. Tools.
  8. Configuration (only appears for Superadmins by default unless ACL permission changes are made)
  9. Credits.

You can use this menu to quickly access Community Builder adminstration pages or you can also access similar areas using your Joomla Components Community Builder menu structure.

In addition to this online reference it is highly recommended that
you download the latest CB Primer Book here!

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