Hourly Services

Sometime forum driven support is not enough. You can purchase hourly one-to-one access with an expert than can help you with training, support or use case consulting. When you are ready to brainstorm with us we will be here for you.

Spend an hour or more with an expert for consulting, training or support


If you have an idea that you want some expert feedback on, you can purchase some quality time with us to discuss it and get hour professional opinion and guidance.


We provide personalized training on Community Builder solution topics. Purchase one or more hours and get direct access to one of our experts ove skype.


If you have a support issue you want us to hekp you with, we are here for you. We can also evaluate your existing installation and give you are recommendations to improve things.
Ready to get started? Buy dedicated expert time from a CB Team member!
$ 200 /  1761 hour
$ 190 /  1671 hour
Technical Support
$ 165 /  1451 hour
$ 150 /  1321 hour

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