Web Hosting Services

Focus on your business thanks to our quality hosting services. Your hosting will stay fine-tuned for Joomla! and Community Builder. This assures peace of mind, together with highest levels of built-in security controls and a fail-safe redundant architecture. Hosting support for hosting operational-related questions is included.

Joomla for you!

Our Joomla installer can install the latest and greatest Joomla out of the box for you. Joomla will then notify you when updates are available to upgrade.


Our datacenter is ISO-27001 security-certified. Our servers are always kept up to date with all relevant security updates and security tools. This is regularly verified with security-scans.


We have you covered. Our servers live in High-Availability Linux cloud clusters and are fully redundant, including uninterruptible power-supplies and cooling. Our datacenters are ISO-9001 Quality certified.


Our datacenters have multiple 10 Gigabit/s Tier-1 Internet backbone connections. Around the clock (24x7) monitoring services ensures timely management and incident resolution.

100% Renewable

Our Hosting in Switzerland, Europe is already 100% Renewable-electricity certified since 2008 !

Up to date

Our Hosting provides you latest supported PHP versions 8.0 and 7.4 and MySQL 8.0 on stable Apache and Linux systems.


We manage the hosting servers for you. We give you access to the opensource Virtualmin Control panel to manage your site and email addresses.


Email is included. You can manage all your email users and provide them with secure email using a Usermin webmail and user control panel.


Expert support, free for hosting-related questions, is included. Extra services are available for Domain registration and transfer, HTTPS SSL certificates, dedicated IP adresses, etc.
Ready to get started? Select the location and package that best fits your needs! Our hosting packages are entirely scalable and allow you to adapt your hosting as your business grows. Save valuable time. We also have a tool to migrate from your existing hosting using an existing backup file.

$ 29
per month*
Up to 5 domains
Up to 5 MySQL databases
2 GB fast SSD disk space
10 GB/month bandwidth
2 months free for yearly plans

$ 45
per month*
Up to 10 domains
Up to 10 MySQL databases
5 GB fast SSD disk space
20 GB/month bandwidth
2 months free for yearly plans

$ 75
per month*
Up to 20 domains
Up to 20 MySQL databases
10 GB fast SSD disk space
40 GB/month bandwidth
2 months free for yearly plans

$ 160
per month*
Up to 40 domains
Up to 40 MySQL databases
30 GB fast SSD disk space
200 GB/month bandwidth
2 months free for yearly plans
* standard renewals period: 3 months, optionally 12 months. Didn't find what you needed? We are here to help! Contact Us.

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