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Frequently Asked Questions about Memberships

Must I renew every year?

Nope. You are not required to renew if you do not want to.
You will be sent a reminder email before and after your membership expires, but you are free to ignore these messages and just let your membership expire.

If I don't renew, will things just stop working?

Of course not.
Everything will continue to work just like before your membership expired.
The only implications of an expired membership is that you will no longer have access to download area and forum support posting.
This means that you will not be able to download new releases.

What happens if I renew my membership before it expires?

Your existing expiration date is extended. E.g., if you renew your existing 12 month Professional membership subscription another 12 months will be added to your expiration date.

Is there a penalty for letting my subscription expire?

Of course not.
Your new subscription will start on the day you pay and the expiration date will happen when the duration of the purchased plan is complete.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan?

Of course you can.
Our system (we use CBSubs) will automatically calculate the left-over value of your existing (e.g., Professional) subscription and subtract it from the higher-level (e.g. Developer) subscription price.
Your new membership will start when you pay the calculate upgrade price and will end when its duration elapses.

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