What's next for CB Gallery?

Many may have been wondering what I've been doing the past couple of months. Well aside from the new site and demo site I've been working hard on a.. yeah another.. rewrite of CB Gallery. This time around it's going for a multi-media gallery with a more robust API and features more familiar to other social sites. Below is the current progress.


As you can see all media is in a single gallery now. No more Videos, Photos, Files, Music all separated into their own tabs. Each is labeled with their own icon to indicate their type and you can search for specific types as well now. With that said it's still possible to have unique galleries per type using the, soon to be implemented, Gallery fieldtype which will allow you to create galleries as fields. So for example I could have a field that only has profile gallery photos in it and I'd place it on a tab called Photos; it's that easy!

Next up is the modal window. I've completely rewrote the modal window to be a lot more responsive and use ajax calls to reduce HTTP overhead just from rendering a gallery. The previous/next usage continues to work with this new modal window as well. In addition to this the familiar sidebar on the right allows inclusion of additional information. For example CB Auto Actions can render a Comment stream per gallery entry in each entries modal window. Yup, that means commenting per photo for example.

The album view hasn't changed too much and is still undergoing some work, but it now can detect correctly when it needs to go back to its gallery.

By far one of the best new features is the new multi-uploading. You can drag and drop multiple files or click and select multiple files. They will all upload 1 by 1 WITH a progress bar and allow you to cancel mid-upload if you've made a mistake. Error output will also be present below an entries progress if an error should occur. Once an upload is successful a new mini-edit box will display below the upload form. This lets you quickly change its album, title, and description directly after upload (also ajax powered! no page load to mini-edit!). This is a great way to share a large amount of photos without your server being overloaded.

Finally album edit has been given a mini-edit view for each entry in that album. This lets you easily go through and edit album titles, descriptions, and move them to a new album quickly. This too is ajax powered so no page loads for saving. It also supports pagination if an album contains a lot of entries.

This is the progress so far. Each day getting closer and closer to being done. The install script will also be extensively migration tested from the latest build available. This means for the best upgrade experience please be sure you are up to date. I will not be testing migration from older releases!

You can follow my progress on our forge below. Note that much more is coming still. One of its biggest features has not been implemented yet, but you'll be able to have Joomla menu items go to unique galleries. So in addition to profile galleries you can have site galleries or any gallery you like using the new Asset functionality to determine where a gallery belongs. In short you gain the power of unlimited galleries! If you've any further questions or feedback feel free to post on our forums.


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