Profile Canvas 2.1

The profile canvas style has evolved into something more fluid and simple to use with CB 2.1. Many of the canvas positions have been compressed into just 1 or 2 to ease the confusion and usage and the styling has been improved significantly to be less aggressive allowing for overall better customization though CSS. Some things have moved around a bit, but new or upgrade installs should instantly be able to experience the new canvas style by simply installing. Now lets take a look at what's available in the latest CB build.


If you've used CB GroupJive you'll notice the styling is very familiar. That's because GJ was essentially the test bed for the new profile canvas styling. Now that we've generalized the CSS the profile canvas styling can be used anywhere through CB. This helps bring a more consistent look to CB and any of its canvas usages. It doesn't stop there either! New canvas container box CSS has also been written and generalized. These are the container boxes seen in CB GroupJive Users tab, Groups, etc.. They can now be used anywhere throughout CB and the first to use them is CB Connections; check it out!

Lets not forget about the mobile view for profile canvas. It's still stylish and functional as ever as you can see below. So don't worry! You'll be completely responsive as usual.

Last, but not least you've been asking for profile canvas repositioning and its finally arrived. You can now reposition what portion of your canvas image is displayed if it exceeds the canvas height limits of 200 pixels. This is done simply from profile edit as an additional dropdown option when editing the canvas field.

I hope everyone enjoys the new canvas style and am eager for your feedback. Please let us know of any CSS conflicts with your templates so we can eliminate as many conflicts as possible.

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krileon replied the topic: #287981 7 years 4 months ago
Ok, was able to confirm your issue. Working on some CSS to fix this for next build. Thank you for reporting the issue.
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krileon replied the topic: #287906 7 years 5 months ago
Am unable to confirm. Looks like it's probably a CSS conflict with your Joomla template. Please PM a link to a publicly accessible profile or include login credentials with a profile link and will review the CSS conflict to see if a fix can be applied in CB.
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hansvanveer replied the topic: #287905 7 years 5 months ago
Hello team,

Just applied the new updated version built 20161114.

Nice work; nevertheless the profile picture is - at least on my site - overlapping now the user name and connection info of the canvas. It would be unfortunate to request every user to resize their profile image... .

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