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I get asked this a lot. Mainly wanting to know what my current, next, etc.. project is. I can't tell you what my next project is as that is all done based off demand or what I feel like doing. I can however let you know what I am currently working on. Currently I am working on CB Core Fields Ajax 4.0.0. Mostly am working to improve what is already there, cleaning up the code, improving the reliability of the jQuery, and adding a few features. You can keep track of the progress below.

The major feature coming is Update On functionality some of you may have seen in CB Query Field and CB Code Field. The idea is to allow fields to chain together their profile edit or registration views. So for example if Field A value changes then Field B will ajax in an up to date edit view with the value of Field A. You can see this somewhat in action already with either of the previously named plugins, which only works with the dropdown options. This just takes it to another level and will work with ANY fieldtype (e.g. update a query fields query results or even a Custom HTML field).

Additionally I'm refining the output modes. Inline mode currently just outputs a Tooltip even though there's a mode specifically for that and Tooltip doesn't even output a Tooltip, but a floating div. It's a big confusing mess, I know. So inline will be changed to literally mean inline while tooltip will literally output a cbTooltip usage. Additionally I've plans for a modal window usage as there could be some really neat ajax edit scenarios for that.

Next up is the template system. CB Core Fields Ajax has basically been an experiment to change how I code the template usages. This version will basically match Joomlas usage 1:1 with templates primarily being HTML and as minimal logic as possible. This does not meant you'll be able to use Joomla layout overrides for CB Core Fields Ajax, but it's a step in the right direction. If all goes well other plugins will have their templates redone to match the same usage. Then a centralized API in CB and then we'll have Joomla layout override support. Baby steps!

That's basically it for now as for what I'm currently working on. Again, I don't know what's next so please avoid asking as it's just frustration for the both of us. With that said CB AntiSpam 3.0.0 is done with quite a bit of improvements so look forward to its release soon!

Oh, forgot to ask. What does everyone think of me doing these regularly? The idea is anytime I switch focus to a different project I would blog which one just like this blog post. This will help keep all of you informed as to what's going on and give you the best opportunity to provide feedback for the currently active project.