CB AntiSpam 3.1.0

More spam protection has arrived! New captcha modes, new ways to output captcha, and CB AntiSpam captcha throughout Joomla. A lot of great features now available and some under the hood improvements to better protect your site. Check out the details below.

First and foremost we've not one, but two new captcha modes. A new "Math" captcha mode has been implemented that generates a simple math question for users to solve. This is similar to Question based captcha, but it's a lot less personal and a lot more random making it that much harder to crack.

You can customize how complex the math equations are by specifying the number ranges for the left and right numbers. Ideally it should be pretty simple to solve, but most spam bots lack logic handling so they can never solve them. The equations will randomly be addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Additionally you can now use your existing Joomla captcha within CB it self by using the new Joomla captcha mode. This however works both ways! CB AntiSpam now comes with a Captcha Joomla plugin to allow using CB AntiSpam captcha throughout Joomla! This includes great features like auto blocking with too many failed captcha attempts and more.

Next up we've ajax loading of captcha. Captcha is normally loaded immediately. This means the image is available to the DOM right away. A lot of bots however don't run Javascript or even load CSS. With ajax loading the captcha will only be loaded in after a quick jQuery Ajax call. So the bots that don't load Javascript will never be able to even complete the captcha! They won't even know it exists! Note this is disabled by default and can be toggled on within CB AntiSpam configuration.

Hope everyone likes all the great new improvements. Please do let us know of any spamming issues with bots beating our captcha to help us continue to improve CB AntiSpam with each release. Sometimes beating a bot is as simple as increasing complexity like using the Math mode.

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