Timed Content Module

We've recently released CB Content Module 3.0.0. With this release came our first pass of Timed Content. Bringing even more control for when your content is displayed. Check it out below!

The first thing you'll notice after updating CB Content Module is a new Timed tab available in your CB Content Module backend edit view. From here you can configure a Start and End date to determine the datetime range of your content. The End date being optional encase you have no interest for a range. Next you can select how it Repeats! Yup, you can repeat your timed content. For now the repeat options available are as follows.


Daily: This will repeat your content every day ignoring the date you selected, but respecting the time you selected.

Weekly: This will repeat your content every week ignoring the month and year you selected, but respecting the days (by week day) and time.

Weekdays: This will repeat your content every selected week day ignoring the month and year you selected at the specified time. Awesome for business hours and more!

Monthly: This will repeat your content every month on the specified day (if possible) ignoring the year selected.

Yearly: This will repeat your content every year on the specified month and day (if possible) ignoring year selected.


As you can see this gives a lot of control over how your content should be displayed. A simple usecase is displaying your business hours like shown below.



This is done by simply specifying the Start and End datetime with a Repeat usage of Weekdays.



You can specify content to display Before, During, and After your selected date allowing content to lead up to an event, display during the event, then closing statements after an event.



Give it a try and see what you can come up with! Looking forward to hearing about even more usecases for Timed content in CB Content Module. Also keep in mind this is a first pass implementation. That means more is coming! Planned features for a future release are timed content based off a field value (e.g. registration date or any date/datetime field) and relative timed content (e.g. 5 days after the specified date).

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