CB Code Field 2.0.0

Some great new changes have arrived in CB Code Field from performance improvements to an entirely new feature! If you're using the current Update On feature then this blog is especially important. Check it out below.

First ups is the big changed to Update On. For a long time now, and noted on our forge, the Update On functionality was replaced by a much stronger implementation in CB Core Fields Ajax. With the release of CB Code Field 2.0.0 its Update On implementation is now officially gone. On install existing Update On usages will be safely migrated to CB Core Fields Ajax (even if it's not installed so you'll be ready to go). Be sure you've CB Core Fields Ajax installed if you were previously relying on this usage!

Next is the performance improvements. The jQuery has been improved as it was being bound multiple times and all the code is now properly PHP namespaced so it's only ever loaded on demand instead of always loaded in memory as soon as CB Code Field is loaded. This is minor, but it all adds up!

Now for the great new feature. Autocomplete! Have you ever wanted your text field to suggest a value to a user? Now you can. Using the new Code Autocomplete functionality you can have custom code based autocomplete for any of your text fields. You'll find the new parameters below under the Integrations tab when editing your text field.

This will give you something like the following as the user types.

This can be extremely useful in guiding a user to predefined values to make things easier for them. If you're wondering if this functionality is coming to CB Query Field then don't worry as it absolutely is so you'll be able to do the same except with query results instead. For a full changelog please check out the forge link below.


As for what's next I'll begin testing PHP 7.3 compatibility so everyone can start taking advantage of the performance improvements in PHP 7.3 as soon as possible. After that I'll begin work on the new CB Query Field release to bring these same changes to it.

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