Minimum System Requirements Update

Many of you may have noticed the banner at the top of your Joomla backend on the control panel page regarding the next stable release of Community Builder no longer supporting X and you should update to Y. We had an internal discussion regarding our minimum system requirements after receiving feedback and made some changes as follows.

We are no longer going to push for MySQL 5.7 at this time. We will be using a minimum of MySQL 5.6 (Mariadb 10.1.0) to stay in line with Joomla 4. The next CB build release will update the banner notice to reflect this.

We are locking in the PHP 7.4 minimum and this will be required going forward in the next stable release of Community Builder (currently planned for CB 2.7).

So if you're already on MySQL 5.6 or Mariadb 10.1.0 no further changes are necessary for your database. If you however are not on at least PHP 7.4 then I highly recommend upgrading as soon as possible.

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