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A new release of CB Auto Actions has arrived with some awesome new features for those that have made the move to Joomla 4 as well as some great new general features. Check out the details below!

A new integration is now included with CB Auto Actions. Specifically a Joomla plugin to support Joomla 4 task scheduler. You'll now be able to run auto actions and batch actions from Joomla's task scheduler!

Once installed be sure to enable it within Extensions > Plugins. Note this is only available on Joomla 4.

Another awesome new feature is being able to condition your auto actions based off a users subscription status. This is a great way to add new features on triggers based off them being subscribed or not.

The CB GroupJive action has also been extended to support generating events within groups as long as CB GroupJive Events is installed.

New substitution data has been added called "actiondata". "actiondata" is data generated by an action itself. So for example when creating a group using the CB GroupJive action that new group will be added to the "actiondata", which can then be used in the Output for JSON endpoints, generating HTML with that data, or even redirecting to the newly created group. To make it easier to understand what substitutions are available to actions a new explanation block has been added under the Parameters tab. It is as follows.

Note not all actions generate action data, but as a general rule any action that creates something should have action data.

Substitutions also have some added protection to them. For example if using [get_user] and "user" does not exist in the URL that called the auto action then it would literally output [get_user]. It will no longer do this. CB Auto Actions will now try to understand known substitution groups (e.g. get, request, post, var1, data1, etc..) and replace missing substitutions with an empty string. So now if [get_user] is missing it would be replaced with "" (empty string). This works with variables too (e.g. [var1_name]).

There's also now some infinite loop protections. Should an auto action come to trigger itself it will now stop the execution to try and avoid being stuck in a loop. So for example acting on profile update to change a field value, but not storing directly and allowing triggers; this would cause a loop, but no longer will get stuck due to the protections.

I hope the task scheduler can bring about some even more interesting usages! For a full list of changes check out the change log below.