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A new CB Paid Subscriptions build release is now available with some awesome new improvements to the CBSubs Options integration. Check out the details below!

A new tab is now available under Integrations > Options. Specifically the Price tab. This tab will let you override the base price of your plan (as configured under the root Pricing tab) using substitutions AND modifiers.

Previously if you wanted a plans price to be based off a field value you had to use a promotion for this. This causes a line item to be rendered in the basket AND the price to display as free. That's not ideal. Now you don't need to do this anymore thanks to CBSubs Options! Simply set the price to a field value using the new tab shown above.

Just like the Options tab this supports modifiers. So to add to the original price of the plan prefix with a +, to subtract prefix with a -, to multiply prefix with a *, and to divide prefix with a /.

In addition to this substitutions are now supported for Options prices! This means you can have additional plan price options that dynamically change based off profile data. Note this will not dynamically update during registration! Support for that maybe added later and is recommended to limit this to registered users only.

Next up is promotions can now also dynamically alter the rendering of the Prices selection. So if your plan for example has 5 price/duration options then CBSubs Promotions will check against them accordingly.

Note this requires an update to CBSubs Promotions as well so don't forget to update the entirety of CBSubs!

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