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A new core fields ajax release is here with a long awaited feature! Check out the details below.

Profile based Update On functionality has finally arrived. This feature lets you refresh the display of a field on profile view when another fields value changes using ajax edit. So for example Field A is a Progress Field and Field B is a text field displayed in that progress field. When you edit Field B and save your edit this can trigger Field A to refresh its display. There's tons of amazing new use cases for this like refreshing Custom HTML, Code, and Query fields if they contain a dependent field that allows ajax editing. This is easily toggled on using the below new parameter.

Simply select what fields you want to update on and you're done. It will listen for the ajax update JavaScript event and silently refresh. A silent refresh means no loading indicators or changes to the display. The refresh will be done efficiently in the background and update the display when complete. This means no content-shift to display a loader icon, etc..

There have also been several bug fixes applied. You can find the full changelog on our forge below.

CB Core Fields Ajax - Changelog