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During the last couple of years I recorded many video tutorials to help users get started and feel comfortable with CB 2.0 and its add-ons.

Our youtube channel has over 200,000 views for the 73 videos and I am continuously getting thank you notes from people that have been enjoying these videos.

When I started out I would basically outline what I wanted to focus on in each video and would take it from there.

No real scenario was written and in many cases I would just go through the process and even run into stupid mistakes. But this actually worked out nicely as a learning experience as I would debug the issue in the video and figure out the cause and fix it!

I am now opening up the process and will create the next video tutorial based on what the community requests.

The process is simple. Just comment on this article outlining your proposal for my next video tutorial and let the users read and vote on your proposal by using the forum Thank You button. If you do not have a proposal, just read what other members proposed and give them your Thank You vote!

Let the process begin ;-)


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