Creating HTML list elements

Community Builder has an assortment of API functions available for building a multitude of input lists. These are great for easy creation of lists and are considered a replacement for Joomlas list API.

Select List

moscomprofilerHTML::selectList( &$arr, $tag_name, $tag_attribs, $key, $text, $selected, $required = 0, $htmlspecialcharText = true )

Radio List

moscomprofilerHTML::radioList( &$arr, $tag_name, $tag_attribs, $key, $text, $selected, $required = 0 )

Yes / No List

moscomprofilerHTML::yesnoSelectList( $tag_name, $tag_attribs, $selected, $yes = _UE_YES, $no = _UE_NO )

Checkbox List

moscomprofilerHTML::checkboxList( &$arr, $tag_name, $tag_attribs, $key='value', $text='text',$selected=null, $required=0 )

List / Radio / Multi-Checkbox Option

moscomprofilerHTML::makeOption( $value, $text = '', $valueName = 'value', $textName = 'text' )

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