CB Basic Configuration

Basic Configuration

Once you have installed the latest CB package (CB component and 3 modules) you should notice the following:

  • Community Builder has been added to your Joomla Components menu
  • Unpublished CB Login, CB Workflow and CB Online modules have been added to your Joomla: Extensions :: Module Manager

In order to get CB up and running on your website you need to perform the following basic configuration steps:

  1. Visit, configure and save your Joomla: Components :: Community Builder :: Configuration parameters
    See our Initial CB Configuration tutorial
  2. Create and publish you Public Joomla menu for Community Builder
    See our Creating a Joomla menu for CB tutorial
  3. Publish, position, assign and configure your CB Login module
    See our Configuring and Publishing the CB Login module tutorial
  4. Publish, position and assign your CB Workflow and/or CB Online modules (optional)
  5. Unpublish Joomla login module
    Find your Joomla login module from the Extensions :: Module Manager and unpublish it
  6. Turn off Joomla registration process
    Go to your Joomla: Users :: User Manager :: Options button area and set the Allow User Registration parameter to 'No'
  7. Turn off Joomla user notification mail parameter
    Go to your Joomla: Extensions :: Plugin Manager, search for the User - Joomla! plugin and set its Notification Mail to User parameter to 'No'
    (this will avoid sending double email messages to your newly registered users)

Once above steps are performed you will have a Joomla website that will work with CB registration and login process and will give all your existing users a default user profile.

You can also view a from scratch CB installation in our video recorded webinar.

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