CB Blogs Overview

The CB Blog plugin stores content (blogs) in internal data base tables or in Joomla Articles component storage scheme or in the K2 component database scheme.
It will then display all "blogs" published by a user in a Blogs tab in user's profile.

It can be configured to require CB Moderator approval of new blog and use Captcha (if CB AntiSpam plugin is installed). The Joomla Access levels are supported and it can be configured to delete all relevant blogs if a user is deleted from your site.

The CB Blogs plugin is somewhat similar to the CB Articles plugin but there are differences. The main difference is that the CB Articles plugin functionality does not have a New button functionality to let people create a new Joomla or K2 article from their profile page. The CB Blogs plugin however does have such a New button functionality.

The tab contains a counter that shows how many blog articles are available or zero if the specific user does not have any.

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