Community Builder Plugins
CBSubs Plugins
CBSubs GroupJive Integration Plugin. It integrates with CB GroupJive and lets you automatically add users to specific GroupJive groups based on a CBSubs plan subscription.
Take your Community to the next social level by empowering your users to organize themselves into common interest groups. Sit back and watch your community interact, socialize and expand your community by inviting their friends to their groups and your website. This is the main CB GroupJive plugin.
CB GroupJive Plugins
This is the CB GroupJive Wall plugin that supports wall discussions in groups.
This is the GroupJive Video plugin that supports video sharing in groups.
This is the CB GroupJive Files plugin that supports the group file sharing functionality.
This is the CB GroupJive Events plugin that supports the events tab functionality for groups.
This is the CB GroupJive About plugin that renders the tooltip description for each group.
The GroupJive Primer Book is freely available to download. GroupJive itself needs a subscription to download.


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