Extend Joomlas redirect component with handy REGEXP supported full or partial URL rewriting rules for 404 URLs. Take back control of your 404 redirects! This plugin does not require CB.
Create handy substitution string and REGEX placeholders with this Joomla plugin and place them in your articles. This way you simply change placeholder mapping once and it will propagate to all content articles. This plugin does not require CB.
Joomla plugin that links article author name to CB user profile page. Great way for your users to learn more about specific authors and explore other author related content.
Show CB fields or CB Tabs in your Joomla content articles or anywhere Joomla content plugins are supported. Embed CB content in your Joomla articles with substitutions support. Personalize Joomla content to display viewer specific data for great to the point action calls.
Use the Joomla search function to find CB user profiles based on CB field data of profiles. CB Privacy settings respected during searching. This is a Joomla plugin.


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