Description This plugin integrates the Joomla and/or Community Builder registration process with CiviCRM. Newly created Joomla website users (from Joomla or Community Builder frontend or backend) will be matched with existing CiviCRM contact(s) based on their email address. If no matching CiviCRM contact is found, a new one will be created and synchronized with the Joomla user. Newly created CiviCRM contacts can also be configured to be added to one or more CiviCRM contact groups/tags and to create a contact note. Finally the plugin can also be configured to attach and assign a new CiviCRM activity to the contact.
Version 2.2.0+2019.07.14
Date 2019/07/14
Size 37.89 KBs
Hits 936
Version Date Size
2.2.0+2019.07.14 2019/07/14 37.89 KBs
2.1.1+2019.07.10 2019/07/12 37.26 KBs

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