Private Messages Doesn't notifing users when All Users selected.

2 months 3 weeks ago #324114 by ayswest
I need Private Messages to send alert via email to users when a message is sent. Currently notifications only are sent when a specific user is selected, but not when I select All Users.

In Plugins -> Private message System -> Parameters -> Internal -> Notification
I have Notify "Yes (All Messages)"
From Name and Email blank
Include Message Enable
Offline Only Disable

Am I missing something that would allow a message to all users to generate a notification via email that they have a message?

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2 months 3 weeks ago #324115 by nant

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2 months 3 weeks ago #324117 by krileon
Sending a private message to all users doesn't assign a user as the recipient at all. This allows 1 database row to be visible to everyone. It has nobody to notify and your site emailing your entire userbase at once like that would likely just crash the site.

If you need to email everyone it's typically best to schedule that in a newsletter extension or preferably an external newsletter platform so it can properly batch process the emails. We currently do not have a built in email scheduler, but is something planned for CB 3.x so we can generate a queue of emails to process over time to prevent such an operation from crashing a site.

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2 months 3 weeks ago #324123 by ayswest
Thanks for you quick reply. I will stop trying to enable something that isn't available. :-{

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