Customization and usability doubts

12 years 6 months ago #99418 by mcoutos
Customization and usability doubts was created by mcoutos

I'm ready to purchase the CBSubs but me and my costumer are uncertain about the usability.

We want to have events on the website and sell them for either register or non registered visitors is that possible? On these events we have prices that are differentiate by the subscription level, if the user is already registered we charge a discounted amount if is a the first time costumer we offer a full subscription and a discount for the event, can that be done?

We have several plans that change with the seasons can we have that with CBsubs.

We have several Newsletters that are either free and paid does CBSubs offer any solution for that including the newsletter system?

After purchased what kind of support for installation issues is offered?

Thanks for your assistance

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12 years 6 months ago #99423 by 3cellhosting
Replied by 3cellhosting on topic Re:Customization and usability doubts
Hi mcoutos,

CB Subs has the ability to sell 3 things - membership/subscriptions, donations and simple products.

If you are talking selling an event ticket then the product version of a plan can cope with this. I personally would opt for Virtuemart and set up user groups as CB Subs will add new users to the correct shopper group for their plan. Virtuemart allows you to display different prices to different groups provided the user is logged in.

Membership plans can be changed as often as you need. One of my clients has just 3 main plans for registration/upgrade but they have a one time offer on first registration to a special price plan. If it is not taken then that user will not get to see the plan again.

CB Subs can protect all content. My same client allows silver and gold members to access back issues of journals on-line. Bronze members can see the list of journals in DocMan but they cannot access them (a good teaser!)

Support is community based - hence me supplying this answer :)

Hope this helps.

David - where personality, creativity and integrity come as standard.

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12 years 6 months ago #99424 by mcoutos
Replied by mcoutos on topic Re:Customization and usability doubts
Thanks for you 2 cents in but as I asked I need to sell for registered and non registered members.

One extra doubt now, you said that I need VM to sale over CB Subs? that is too confusing, in order to have one thing I need to have 2 products?

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12 years 6 months ago #99498 by krileon
Replied by krileon on topic Re:Customization and usability doubts
You may sell your tickets as "Merchandise" within CBSubs, this feature is present and does function like a store. You do not need to have VM to do this, but it was simply suggested as a means to achieve your goal as one method per say.

As CBSubs is meant to act, work, and extend CB. Users will need to register to use its features. Upon attempting to make a purchase, they'll first be set to register (which they can also make the purchase directly after registration by selecting the product AT registration)

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