Guestbook, blog and/or wall tabs can be added to profiles. Extensive privacy controls for members and administrator Facebook/Twitter members can login without registering In-profile ajax text editing, awesome bubbles in 14 colors File upoads with Ajax upload to user profile and/or at registration Add profile information anywhere!
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Language Localizations

CB Solutions

Community Builder, CB GroupJive and CBSubs support different languages using CB Language plugins.

A CB Language plugin is installed using the CB Plugin Manager and not the Joomla installer.

Language projects for Community Builder, CB GroupJive and CBSubs exist on our forge area, on transifex and we also have dedicated language forums for each active language team:

Join a transifex language team now !

So if you want to help localize our scripts you can participate in an existing language team or if your language team does not exist you can start it and become its manager. If you do not see your specific language in these areas then consider applying for the position.

More resources about language plugins are available in the CB Language Plugins FAQ article.

If you are looking for the latest released language plugin for your language you should visit the Community Builder Language forge area, find the specific language sub-project and click on its link and then click on the Files tab to find the latest CB 2.0 language plugin released. These release are automatically built from the transifex projects based on available translations, so if the translations are incomplete the plugins will be incomplete.

For your convenience here are direct links to Language forge areas that have CB 2.0 Language plugins:



Professional Membership: Incubator Add-ons

CB Solutions

Get even more add-ons and better support! Become a Professional Member (12 month subscription) and get all 12 CB Team add-ons above + CB Documentation plus 14 Incubator add-ons below and access to CB release candidates! Also get access to the Professional Member Support forum for high priority responses with a Service-Level-Agreement guaranteed first reply time. You can also optionally subscribe to a higher plan to get private ticketing support for extra special attention.

Incubator Add Ons (Available to all Professional members)

  • CB Connect

    CB Connect Let your user sign-in using their Facebook or Google account. Also adds Facebook and Google gadgets to your profiles!

  • CB Blogs

    CB Blogs Let your members blog using this cool plugin. Content can be managed as Joomla category articles so Joomla layouts can be used.

  • CB Invites

    CB Invites Let your members help you increase your community. Personalized invitations can be sent by members and administrators can track success rate.

  • CB Content bot

    CB Content bot Use CB fields and substitutions in your Joomla content! Personalize your articles according to viewer. Very powerful!

  • CB Virtuemart

    CB Virtuemart Synchronize users from Community Builder to VirtueMart at various customizable triggers.

  • CB AlphaUserPoints

    CB AlphaUserPoints Add or subtract AlphaUserPoints to or from your CB users based on Community Builder events.

  • CB Emails

    CB Emails Send any personalized email message with attachments to your users and/or to your administrators when a user event takes place.

  • CB Queries

    CB Queries Execute fully customizable database queries when CB events happen.

  • CB Template Changer

    CB Template Changer Allow users to change the profile and/or site template as they please.

  • CB Flyspray

    CB Flyspray Synchronize users from Community Builder to FlySpray at various customizable triggers.

  • CB Triggers

    CB Triggers Transfer all Joomla 1.5.x triggers into CB triggers allowing usage through CB trigger API.

  • CB Redirect

    CB Redirect Redirect users when specific CB events take place. You can even use CB field substitutions when constructing the redirect URL to produce personalized redirection pages for users.

  • CB Fields

    CB Fields Modify any CB field value based on CB trigger activity.

  • AWK Language Grabber

    AWK Language Grabber Very cool AWK script used by CB Team to grab language strings from source files and produce language file for use in CB language plugins.

  • PHP Memory Tester

    PHP Memory Tester Your php.ini file memory settings doesn't always match what your host is actually giving you. Test it!

  • CB Profile Update Log

    CB Profile Update Log Keep track of who changed what and when in their profile.

  • CB Code

    CB Code Fetch an unlimited amount of customizable URLs based on various Community Builder triggers with full substitution support.

  • CB Articles

    CB Articles Display users CMS articles within a template-base profile tab.

  • CB Query Field

    CB Query Field Adds new Query fieldtype allowing creation of fields returning results based off a custom query.

  • CB Forum

    CB Forum This new forums plugin adds many more integration features for CB and Kunena.

  • CB Progress Field

    CB Progress Field This plugin allows you to create a CB progress field to show your members what their profile completeness progress is.

  • CB Conditional Plugin

    CB Conditional Plugin This plugin will show/hide fields based on a specific field vale. Great for setting up a step-by-step registration form also.


Get ALL 37 Add-Ons + CB Documentation + Maintenance Releases + SLA Priority Support!


CB Solutions

CBSubs - The Membership Management Solution

Make Money with Your Own Business Website. Build your own business website now with the premier Joomla!TM based memberships management system! Fully integrated and tailored for Community Builder. Create value added memberships with profile, content and access control capability. Seamlessly allow for selling of products and services. Accept donations. Increase your bottom line with cross selling features. And more!

This is the most powerful and flexible subscriptions membership management solution available for Joomla! Protect any content element (article, section, category, menu item, module, extension access) and make people pay to access! A clean solution with built-in access control (no need for third party extensions) and dozens of out-of-the box integrations.


Advanced Membership: CB Add-ons

CB Solutions

Get your community site up and running fast! Become an Advanced Member (12 month subscription) and get the extensive (180+ pages) Community Builder manual, plus 12 powerful add-ons including Facebook™ and Twitter™ connect CB plugins and updates for the duration of the subscription. All you need for your speedy site launch is included along with Advanced Members Support forum access (in case you need further assistance). And, your subscription helps support CB's open source nature and our support of it's community.

CB Team Add Ons (Available to all Advanced / Professional members)

  • CB Facebook Connect

    CB Facebook Con.. Facebook members can login without registering

  • CB Twitter Connect

    CB Twitter Connect Twitter members can login

  • CB ProfileGallery

    CB ProfileGallery Facebook members can login without registering

  • CB ProfileGallery module

    CB ProfileGallery mod Showcase community gallery items

  • CB ProfileBook

    CB ProfileBookGuestbook, blog and/or wall tabs can be added to profiles.

  • CB ProfileBook module

    CB ProfileBook mod Showcase latest guestbook, blog or wall entries in a module

  • CB Content module

    CB Content module Add profile information anywhere!

  • CB Privacy

    CB Privacy Extensive privacy controls for members and administrator

  • CB Ajax Text fieldtype

    CB AjaxText field In-profile ajax text editing, awesome bubbles in 14 colors

  • CB Ajax File fieldtype

    CB Ajax File field File upoads with Ajax upload to user profile and/or at registration

  • CB Rating fieldtype

    CB Rating field Star ratings can be added to member profiles with Ajax stars-rating field

  • CB AutoWelcome plugin

    CB AutoWelcome plug Greet for your new members with custom welcome messages

  • CB Captcha

    CB Captcha Keep spambots away for good!

  • CB Admin navigation module

    CB Admin nav mod Add backend navigation menus for administrators.

  • CB Last Views

    CB Last Views Members can see the last profile viewed in a tab


Get ALL 12 Add-Ons + CB Documentation + Maintenance Releases + Priority Support!