Become PCI Compliant with McAfee Service

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  • Achieve PCI DSS compliance
  • Maintain compliance
  • Self-assessment
  • Quarterly scanning
  • On-demand scanning
  • Unlimited support
  • PCI compliance reports

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McAfee PCI Certification Service

A PCI-DSS certification of your server and site is required by credit-card acquirers if customers input credit card numbers on your own site server, like with authorize.net AIM.

However if you are serious about your business and your data, if you care about your customers and their data, and wish to keep business liability risks low, doing a PCI-DSS security scan and complying voluntarily to the credit-cards industry standards is a very good idea. Better safe than sorry.
Beat, Community Builder Core Member

Small merchants are prime targets for data thieves. It’s your job to protect cardholder data at the point-of-sale. If cardholder data is stolen – and it’s your fault – you could incur fines, penalties, even termination of the right to accept payment cards!

The McAfee PCI Certification Service will help you reach PCI-DSS certification with the following process:

  1. Purchase your service package at Joomlapolis great savings price (below)
  2. Complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
  3. Fix any issues discovered in the SAQ process (McAfee experts will assist you)
  4. Have your web site scanned for security vulnerabilities
  5. Fix any vulnerabilities discovered during the scans (McAfee experts will assist you)
  6. Produce a PCI Validation Report for submission to your merchant bank

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McAfee PCI Certification Service Features

The McAfee PCI Certification Service will give you the following:

  • Self-assessment questionnaire selection wizard
    Use the simple selection tool to determine which of the five versions of the self-assessment questionnaire (PCI standard 1.2) to complete.

  • Quarterly and on-demand scanning
    Meet PCI DSS security scanning requirements. The automated PCI compliance scanning uses an approved three-step process that includes dynamic port scanning, port-level network services vulnerability testing, and web application vulnerability testing. Launch on-demand scans whenever necessary.

  • Unlimited technical support
    Take advantage of unlimited support from security specialists (available 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. PST). Whatever your question, the McAfee experienced team is there to help you.

  • PCI compliance reports
    Generate a validation report to submit to your merchant bank or payment service provider as proof of your compliance.

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McAfee PCI Certification Service Benefits

The McAfee PCI Certification process will help you:

  • Achieve PCI DSS compliance quickly
    Complete all requirements rapidly and confidently with McAfee's accurate, easy-to-use online system. Get tools and guidance to help you navigate through the PCI process.

  • Continue to demonstrate compliance
    Remain in compliance and never miss submitting a quarterly validation report. Validation scans run automatically every 90 days.

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McAfee PCI Certification Service Pricing

Having gone through the process ourselves we have partnered with McAfee to give you the best value for the lowest price in the PCI certification industry.
Beat, Community Builder Core Member

Regular Price is $360 per year.
Your price as a Joomlapolis member is: $99 per year
a $261 or 72,5% savings!

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Comparison Table

The two security related services offered by McAfee at Joomlapolis specific pricing can be compared side by side as illustrated in the following table:

for Websites
McAfee PCI-DSS Certification Service
Automated Security Scans Daily Quarterly
On Demand Security Scan Yes Yes
Customer Portal Access Yes Yes
Unlimited telephone customer support Yes Yes
PCI DSS Compliance Scanning Yes Yes
Mcafee SECURE Trustmark Yes  
Listing in Certified Merchant Directory Yes  
Highlighted in search results Yes  
McAfee SECURE Shopping Yes  
Pricing Starting at $64.90/month
instead of $2000+/year
instead of $360/year
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