Increase Sales with McAfee SECURE™ trustmark

McAfee Secure Trustmark Image

* As measured on average by A/B testing comparing sales when the McAfee SECURE trustmark was and was not displayed, from July 2008 - January 2009. Your results may vary.

  • Increase your sales by 12%*
  • Build trust
  • Protect your shoppers
  • Secure your business
  • Daily scanning
  • Daily reporting
  • Client Portal access
  • PCI-DSS reports included

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McAfee SECURE™ trustmark Overview

The McAfee SECURE service is an excellent tool to keep your website on its security toes and increase your online sales by building trust with your customers. I am impressed with the breath and depth of the 40,000+ vulnerabilities tested by daily scan tests, and as they are daily, it makes sure we stay secure for our community and for us too.
Beat, Community Builder Core Member

When it's time for shoppers to click "buy", it's trust time, and everything adding to trust counts in big ways. That's when then McAfee SECURE for Websites with it's TESTED and current date can make the difference of a sale made or of an abandoned cart and lost sale.

With McAfee SECURE for Websites, your site is scanned daily for over 12 thousands of known vulnerabilities. McAfee, the largest dedicated security company in the world, does this remotely, without any need for expensive or complicated hardware or software. Once certified to this high standard of security, McAfee SECURE customers showcase their safety status by displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark.

When it comes to securing your website and your business you should work with the best.

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McAfee SECURE Service Features

The service will provide the folowing features:

  • Daily Scanning
    McAfee scans customer websites every day for thousands of hacker vulnerabilities. McAfee is rated #1 in malware detection, so you know that you're getting the best protection from the latest threats.

  • The Trustmark
    Once your site passes our daily testing regimen, you can display the McAfee SECURE trustmark to show customers that you've gone the extra mile to make their shopping experience safer and more secure.

  • No hardware/software required
    McAfee SECURE for Websites does not require any new hardware or software.After your initial scan, you can be displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark in as little as a day.

  • Actionable Reporting
    When scanners find a vulnerability, McAfee immediately notify you and gives you information you can understand and act on via their simple-to-use client portal. The report is very detailed and highly professional. See our Joomlapolis website executive report as a quality indicator example.

  • Exposure to the McAfee family
    As a McAfee SECURE customer, your website gets special exposure in three ways. First, your site is highlighted in the Certified McAfee SECURE merchant directory. Second, you get access to thousands of security conscious shoppers via the McAfee Secure Shopping portal. And third, your site displays a special McAfee SECURE trustmark next to the search results of the millions of McAfee® SiteAdvisor® software users. McAfee safety icons and trustmarks are viewed more than 3 billion times every day. It's like free advertising for your safe and secure site.

McAfee SECURE Service Benefits

The McAfee SECURE service will produce the following benefits for your online business:

  • Build Consumer Trust
    According to a study from PayPal, 21% of shoppers have abandoned a cart due to concerns about the security of the website. The McAfee SECURE trustmark reassures those skittish shoppers and helps them get to "yes"!

  • Increase Sales Conversions
    Improved trust leads to more sales. In fact, we've conducted hundreds of A/B tests involving millions of visits and on average, shoppers are 12% more likely to become buyers when shown the trustmark. That means more sales and lower customer acquisition costs.

  • Differentiate Yourself from Competitors
    McAfee SECURE for Websites Service allows you to compete on something beside price. Use your impressive security to show that you are not just the affordable alternative, you're the secure choice. According to research firm Harris Interactive, 63% of shoppers won't purchase from a site that doesn't show a trustmark, even with the prospect of getting a good deal.

  • Improve Your Security
    McAfee SECURE for Websites Service helps you avoid damaging security breaches and reduce operational anxiety by making sure your web infrastructure is as vulnerability free as it can be. According to Forrester Research, the cost of a major security breach can exceed $300 per compromised record when you tally the impact on brand image and the loss in customer confidence, along with the actual dollar amounts due in legal fees, call centers, and lost employee productivity.

  • Concentrate on Sales and Marketing
    A 2009 survey found that security concerns caused retailers to miss out on $21 billion in online sales. With McAfee SECURE Service, you're free to concentrate on the business of growing your business.

McAfee Secure Service Pricing

We have partnered with McAfee for this special deal only to our Joomlapolitan community.

You can get McAfee Secure Trustmark for a low monthly price only from Joomlapolis. Same packages require 12 months or more at McAfee directly, and discussions there start at over 2000$. But if you go through us you can be in month by month for these low prices:

  • McAfee SECURE for Web Sites - Month,1 domain 1000 page views
    1 Devices McAfee SECURE - 1,000 Daily Page Views
    $64.90 per Month

  • McAfee SECURE for Web Sites - Month,2 domain 4000 page views
    2 Devices McAfee SECURE - 4,000 Daily Page Views
    $127.80 per Month

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Comparison Table

The two security related services offered by McAfee at Joomlapolis specific pricing can be compared side by side as illustrated in the following table:

for Websites
McAfee PCI-DSS Certification Service
Automated Security Scans Daily Quarterly
On Demand Security Scan Yes Yes
Customer Portal Access Yes Yes
Unlimited telephone customer support Yes Yes
PCI DSS Compliance Scanning Yes Yes
Mcafee SECURE Trustmark Yes  
Listing in Certified Merchant Directory Yes  
Highlighted in search results Yes  
McAfee SECURE Shopping Yes  
Pricing Starting at $64.90/month
instead of $2000+/year
instead of $360/year
Get it Now! Get it Now!