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It has been a long time coming that we redo our router. That time is finally here. I've rewritten our router file from the ground up using latest techniques available to Joomla. All core views have SEF usage now. In addition to this the URL view will properly be removed if it has a menu usage associated with it and that menu usages view matches. See below several examples of the new URLs to be output during SEF.


Note the FIRST value of every URL will ALWAYS be the Menu Alias. There is absolutely no removing this. It is how Joomla knows what component is being accessed and what view for that component.

Old: /profile/userprofile/krileon
New: /profile/krileon

Old: /profile/emailuser?uid=42
New: /profile/emailuser/krileon

Old: /profile/userdetails?uid=43
New: /profile/userdetails/demouser
New: /profile-edit/demouser

Old: /manage-connections/manageconnections
New: /manage-connections

Old: /community/pluginclass?plugin=cbgroupjive&action=groups&func=show&id=10
New: /community?action=groups&func=show&id=10
New: /community/1-category-001/10-group-010 (with custom plugin routing!)

If a URL matches a menu item and the views match it will remove the view from the SEF URL allowing it to nicely reduce down. As you can see above for the plugin menu items, profile view, and profile edit.

In addition to this you may have noticed the new plugin SEF URL for CB GroupJive. Basically 2 triggers have been added to pluginclass routing. What this allows is for each plugin to individually rewrite its own URLs. You will not immediately see the second case shown above for GJ until that has been implemented and released in a new GJ release, but it means plugin URLs don't have to be ugly anymore.

This brings us 1 step closer to even stronger SEO. Don't worry about your older URLs either as this is completely backwards compatible allowing CB 1.x, CB 2.x, and this new usage to still work! Next we'll be looking into customized profile aliases to allow your users to customize what their profile URL should be.

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krileon replied the topic: #290401 7 years 1 month ago
The URLs will only have an id if the Profile URL isn't alias safe. "demouser" is certainly alias safe unless there's a space in it somewhere or the Profile URL (alias) field has an invalid value for some reason. Ensure your install is completely up to date as well.
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Cypher666 replied the topic: #290373 7 years 1 month ago

nice to see, that the router is now more sef-ready.
But now, the Profile URLs have the profile ID in it's name.

Old: /profile/userdetails?uid=43

New: /profile/43-demouser

Joomla 3.6.5
CB 2.1.1
Still PHP :-/
Standard htacess . Joomla SEF ON

Any idea what to do, to eleminate the profile id in the url?

Thank you in advance for your quick answer.

EDIT: The ID appears in user-lists.
I have also access to the url without the id

Also working: /profile/demouser

Now. How to eleminate the urls with IDs in the list? :)
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krileon replied the topic: #289187 7 years 2 months ago
Plugins will be getting SEO URLs as well since our router includes a trigger for them to do so now. GJ will be the first plugin to utilize this in GJ 3.1.0.
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ricco1 replied the topic: #289180 7 years 2 months ago
What about CBSubs urls?

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