What am I working on?

It's time for another update as to what my current active major project is. Currently CB Privacy is being rewritten. This rewrite will improve the API significantly and hopefully be a massive performance boost to its usage to allow a lot more privacy controls on a single page with little to no performance impact. More details below!


Basically CB Privacy needs new API to allow it to protect other content with privacy controls. It's a bit complex at the moment with its privacy checks being pretty specific and hardcoded. The new API brings the same asset functionality and general API that CB Activity and CB Gallery now have. This should hopefully mean, in the future, that CB Privacy can protect individual gallery images and more with the help of CB Auto Actions.

There's also going to be a new ajax mode that allows privacy to be changed via an icon that opens the standard privacy dropdown, but on change it ajax saves in the background. This is ideal for things like adjusting an activity entries privacy controls inline or even inline privacy controls when viewing your profile.

The template system is also being rewritten to be like CB Core Fields Ajax. This means per-privacy control templates. 1 field could have 1 template and another field have a different template. Privacy controls can also be more usage specific. So 1 field could just be a simple Public/Private toggle while another allows privacy controls on a per connection type bases. This greatly expands the flexibility of CB Privacy.

Another great feature coming is the ability to output a custom substitution supported string when a field is hidden by privacy controls. Currently it just completely removes the field from display, but it instead you'll optionally be able to output a string like "Become my friend to see this!" or whatever you like. There's a couple other great features coming as well. You can check out everything planned and current progress below (will be slow progress until I've the new API layer done!).


Also keep in mind when I'm doing these rewrites it is your BEST opportunity to provide as much feedback as possible.

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