What am I working on?

Time for another update as to what project I'm currently working on. At this time my focus is to finish up CB Activity 4.2.0 for, hopefully, next week release. Check out the below for what's coming!

CB Activity 4.2.0 is a complete rewrite to some of the query structures and how they behavior. The reason for this is performance. I've a test install with well over 100,000 activity entries. The good news is it still functions well. The bad news is to display a stream with all activity entries takes on have 800ms to perform the queries. I've restructured the queries and improved the indexes. The average is now 5ms for such a large query. That's a pretty significant performance improvement!

In addition to performance improvements a few features are being added. Activity grouping is used to merge similar activity into 1 to avoid clutter (e.g. 10 comment activities about the same activity). This will now apply to notifications as well to keep them nice and tidy. Check it out below!

Next up is I've added connection state parsing for connection assets. Previously for example if you sent a notification that a user has a pending connection request it'd just say the two users connected. This was due to the parsing for the connection asset only handling 1 state (connected). The connection asset parsing has been improved to handle those states and will allow next CB Auto Actions release to have some more notification system actions to handle connection requests. Check it out below!

Another big change besides performance is how Global activity and notifications behaved. To create a global you used to have to set the asset for the activity or notification to literally global. This is not the case anymore. Global is now independent of asset and is simply a yes/no toggle. What this allows for is parsing to actually be done on the global activity or notifications checking for permissions or whatever is necessary.

Oh also don't want to forget that notifications a user does not own can be hidden now. Previously they would just be permanently stuck on their notification stream with no way to get rid of them.

You can follow progress below and check out what all is coming in CB Activity 4.2.0 and like I said above the plan is to release next week.


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krileon replied the topic: #301006 4 years 4 months ago
Looks like the BBCode Parser will also be making it into this release instead of waiting for CB Activity 5.0.0. It will be disabled by default, but when enabled your users will be able to use web standard BBCode formats (platform specific formats will not be supported) to allow for some limited formatting.

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