CB AntiSpam 4.0.0

A new release for CB AntiSpam has arrived! With it are some performance improves (notice a trend yet? I'm doing performance passes on each plugin against massive amounts of data!) and a few new features. Check out the details below.

First up is the performance improvements. The queries all were missing a few database indexes causing some low optimization against my new testing environment boasting 1 million rows per plugin table. This has now been fixed and all queries are optimized with indexes. The next issue with performance was the Blocks and Whitelists when using wildcards (e.g. adding % to the Value parameter). This was impossible to optimize in its current state so instead the wildcard usage has been split into its own Type. Specifically instead of selecting IP Address you'd select IP Address (Partial) so it knows to do partial checks. Existing usages will have their Type migrated appropriately on install, but it's recommended to check over your existing blocks and whitelists just to be completely sure. Now with that changed the query is fully optimized as it knows for sure when to check for a wildcard.

Next up is a new minor feature. Logging functionality for Login has been improved to notify users of new devices logging into their accounts. It can also notify moderators. This is disabled by default. The device notification is just an email to inform them a new IP Address has logged into their account and will provide the platform (e.g. Windows), browser (e.g. Chrome), and their IP Address (linked to ipinfo so they can see location details). This is of course customize-able via language string.

reCaptcha 3 is also now supported, but to really benefit from it you'll basically need to have reCaptcha 3 output on every page of your site as part of your Joomla template. This is because it monitors behavior patterns then scores based off those behavior patterns to determine if someone maybe a bot or not. CB AntiSpam will output this anywhere its captcha is used if using reCaptcha 3 to take as much advantage of this as possible. You'll optionally be able to configure the threshold that it it considers someone a bot (from 0.0 to 1.0; default 0.5).

Beyond that there has been a few bug fixes. Namely duplicate location protection will now safely expire remember me tokens so a user freshing after having logged in with remember me won't bypass the duplicate login protection. For more details about 4.0.0 check out the full changelog below.


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