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A new release of CB Field Groups has landed with some great new features opening up even more usecases. From new templates to supporting more field types. Check out the details below.

First up is the option to select separate Edit and Display templates. This gives much greater control over how your fieldgroups are presented to your users for the two different views. You'll find the new edit template parameter as shown below in your field groups parameters.

This brings us to the next great new feature. A new template! A new Compact template is now included that provides a much more compact display for fields. In addition to this you can now override if empty fields should display or not on a per field group basis for an even more compact display. The Compact template is perfect and ideal for single field repeat groups like shown below.

Last but not least is improvements to substituting in field group fields. First improvement is you can now properly substitute in a rows field within that same row easily. For example we've a cb_text field inside of a field group. Next we've a Custom HTML field also in that field group. You can now safely substitute in cb_text field and its value will match that of the row it belongs to. This opens a lot of new possibilities for controlling how things display. Take a look below.

In addition to this an official syntax for substituting in field group fields externally is now provided. To do this simply use the field name format of FIELD_NAME_INDEX_FIELD_NAME. For example our field group field is cb_fieldgroup and within that field groups is cb_text. If we want the first row value for cb_text we'd use cb_fieldgroup_0_cb_text for FIELD_NAME in substitutions. The row index always begins with 0. If an index doesn't exist then the substitution will simply result in an empty output so it's safe to substitute in future indexes if necessary. See our substitutions tutorial below on how to use substitutions if unsure how.

As for newly supported field types inside of field groups you can now use editor field types with TinyMCE, CodeMirror, None, or JCE editors. Several other under the hood improvements have been made to improve performance and reliability. You can find a full change log on our forge below.

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