CB Core Fields Ajax 4.2.0

More great features for an already great ajax editing solution! Improved styling for Canvas and Avatar ajax editing, multi-field ajax editing, and more! Check out the details below.

The first great new feature is the ability to edit multiple fields at once in a single ajax instance. This is great if you have multiple fields combined and conditioned off one another and yes conditions will work in the multiple field editing usage! You'll find the new parameters below.

Here you can select as many fields as you want to be included in a fields ajax edit instance. Next you can adjust how their titles will display. By default they display the same as they would in profile edit, but sometimes it's good to show them on 2 lines depending on space or no title at all. Edit permissions are all respected when the additional fields are being output. The above for example displays as follows when editing.

The field being ajax edited in this example is Test and cb_text (Text) is the additional field. Field order is also maintained so if Text was displayed before Test in profile edit then here too it would be displayed in that order.

Multiple CSS fixes have been applied to improve the ajax editing display to be more modern. The cog template has received a lot of fixes in particular. Both default and cog template can now be used to nicely ajax edit the Canvas and Avatar fields as well.

Editor fields can now output more than just TinyMCE. Fixes have been implemented to now support JCE and CodeMirror editors. So feel free to enable ajax editing for your editor fields if you were using either of those WYSIWYG editors.

Another great new feature is Strict mode. This limits the ajax editing strictly to profile or strictly to the userlist. The reason for this mode is fields can be substituted outside of profile and sometimes it's best not to have ajax editing for the substitution usages, but you do want it for profile and userlist. The strict usage will now enforce this limitation so you can freely substitute the fields outside of profile normally without having the ajax editing mess with your display.

You can find a full change log below.


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