CB Paid Subscriptions 4.5.0

A new release of CB Paid Subscriptions is here with some great new features! Lots of modern redesign for the payment flow and more! Check out the details below, which is available now in the latest CB Paid Subscriptions nightly release and upcoming 4.5.0 stable release.

The basket flow from basket > invoice address > pay form has all been redesigned with a new more modern look. First up is Invoice Address, which has been renamed to more accurate Billing Address and is more familiar for the average user bring easier to understand UX. It has been redesigned to be a lot more compact instead of consuming a significant amount of very important page space. Take a look below!


This redesign carries into the new Billing Address edit page to also be more compact and flow better. Take a look below!

The redesign doesn't stop there! ALL payment method images have been remade with standardized and approved LOGOS. Instead of the button styling being hardcoded into the image it is now styled as a button using CSS alone. You can apply custom CSS classes to the payment method buttons as well to fully customize your payment method display.

CBSubs also comes with the option of having a Radio payment selection. This is where you select the Payment Method then select the Payment Type or the next process. This entire display has been completely redesigned to give it a more modern feel.

With the above ALL the buttons are customizable including all the text shown in both screenshots is entirely customizable AND optional. So for example in the above you could just have the Stripe logo displayed with no text.

This carries us into the redesigned payment form. The credit card form more specifically. It's used by all on-site payment methods. Previously it had a lot of extra spacing around it and just seamed a bit out of place. It has been cleaned up a bit and streamlined to better fit on the page and accommodate mobile views.

You'll notice the Card Name field is just a single name field. It used to be split into First Name and Last Name, but this wasn't actually valid means of requesting the name on a credit/debit card which could contain middle name or more. So we've modernized this to a single name input.

The payment type icon (Visa in this example) is also now just inline instead of large and above the input consuming unnecessary space. CVV image has been updated with a more modern one as well.

Finally you'll notice at the bottom users can now safely return to the basket. Since the basket is a form browser back often would cause problems, but this link will eliminate those problems. If your basket process is skipped due to configuration this link will turn into a cancel link so users can safely cancel their payment. Now lets head back to the basket and see what all this looks like combined.

You'll notice the coupon input is now closer to the payment information instead of being below the billing address. The coupon form is also now ajax driven so no more full page reload when redeeming coupons!

I hope everyone enjoys the new payment flow. For a full change log please visit the forge link below.


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