CB Profile Update Logger 4.0.0

A new profile update logger release is here with long awaited user friendly field names and values feature!

You can now toggle field titles and field values to be formatted for display and optionally for email notifications as well.

You'll notice the new Compare button as well for some field types. This allows large field values to be pulled into a comparison modal window for easier comparing of changes. Before those changes wouldn't be crammed into the table columns and would make it very difficult to read. Take a look at a field group comparison below.

This gives you a nice side by side to compare changes for larger fields. You'll also notice that the formatted field values feature also works for field groups! This is easily toggled on within CB Profile Update Loggers parameters as shown below.

You can also toggle on formatted field titles and values for notifications.

You'll notice the "By" column no longer exists as it wasn't very useful since 99% of changes are made by the user with 1% being made by a moderator. This can still be viewed in backend however. The tab description for the update log tab is now also displayed in profile above the table to allow adding some descriptive text to the table. In addition to this you can now filter the update log directly on profile using the new search feature.

For a full list of changes visit our forge below.


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