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A new release of CB Redirect Bot is here with support for Joomla 4.

This release changes the modal window repeatable usage to Joomlas subform usage since repeatable has been removed in Joomla 4. During install your redirects will be migrated to the new format allowing existing installs to function fine with 2.0.0. The plugin follows native plugin structure on both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.

Additionally Community Builder dependency has been removed. This extension does not use CB API and now no longer checks if CB is installed so you can now freely use it on installs without CB.

As for the future of CB Redirect Bot the plan is to convert it to a full extension that significantly improves on core Joomla redirect component. Ideally supporting substitutions, content plugins, and more in your custom redirects to safely send users where they need to go when encountering a URL that doesn't exist.

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