CB Replacer Bot 2.0.0

A new release of CB Replacer Bot is here with support for Joomla 4.

This release changes the modal window repeatable usage to Joomlas subform usage since repeatable has been removed in Joomla 4. During install your replacers will be migrated to the new format allowing existing installs to function fine with 2.0.0.

Additionally Community Builder dependency has been removed. If substitutions are enabled for a replacer then it will use CB API if available otherwise substitutions will be skipped. If translations are enabled it will prioritize using CB API if possible otherwise will use Joomla language API.

As for the future of CB Replacer Bot the plan is to create a full component extension for creating custom content plugin replacers that allows a lot more replacement types. For example to be able to replace a string of text with the results of custom PHP code or the result of a database query. This would allow you to create your own efficient Joomla content plugins without having to do the legwork of making a custom Joomla content plugin.

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