How to upgrade CBSubs maintenance periods

CBSubs license purchases automatically include a free first year maintenance period. You can extend your maintenance agreement by following the process outlined below:

  • Visit your Subscription tab on your Joomlapolis user profile (on the account that purchased the initial CBSubs license)
  • Locate your CBSubs license
  • Click on the Change Options button
  • Select Maintenance Pack option from drop-down parameter (initially this is set to 'One year maintenance'). Select '2 years version maintenance' to extend your initial (free) first year to two years (basically purchasing an extra year) or select '3 years version maintenance' to extens your initial (free) first year to three years (by purchasing 2 extra years) or select 'Maintenance during lifetime of product version' to purchase lifetime maintenance plan.
  • Once maintenance plan option parameter is selected just click on Upgrade Options Now button and continue to checkout process.

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