What is Community Builder

Make your site social!

Community Builder integrates all features needed to make your site social and users getting active and interacting on your site:

Extended registration form

Extend your registration process gathering more data before accepting membership

Additional user profile fields

Know your members (use CB fields to characterize your community members)

Empower key members to moderators

Empower existing members to (front-end) moderate membership actions like new membership approvals, avatar uploads, report handling and banning / unbanning of profiles

Let your members interact

Enable membership interactions through membership lists, searching of members, connecting to members, email communications, private messages (via uddeIM private message system component)

Let members create content on your website

Give your members extra privileges and things to do. Make them create content for your website. Personal blogging, image gallery, forum integration (built-in Kunena support), membership groups (using GroupJive component and plugins) and many more additional CB plugins to add even more features and functions.

Custom users profiles & lists

Community Builder integrates all features needed to allow your users to present themselves on your site and to organize and present the user data in a structured way:

Let your members profile themselves

Define your community by customizing user profile areas organizing profile content in tabs and tab positions. Content can be in the form of text fields, images, free-text areas, dates, numbers, etc. Content items can also be extended via CB fieldtype plugins (example: filetype field)

Customize the look and feel and present in member's own language

All CB entities (titles, descriptions, values, messages, email notifications, etc) are customizable via language strings and CB supports its own language plugins

Template at will

All profile items are CSS customizable and CB templates can be created and installed as CB plugins (many commercial CB templates exist)

Scalable, reliable, robust

Community Builder allows your site to grow big on reasonable hosting servers:

Adapt the profiles to your community needs

You can configure as many fields as you need for your specific community without big impact on performance

Extremely stable – used on many large busy sites

Community Builder is designed and tested for stability and performance, and runs on many large sites with many concurrent member interactions. Performance audits and database optimizations have been made in cooperation with leading database experts to ensure large site operations.

Native and platform-independant - still well integrated

Choose your CMS (Joomla 1.0.X, Joomla 1.5.X, Mambo), but use Community Builder as any component

Secure. Period.

Community Builder has an excellent security record, with over two years without any major vulnerability discovered and exploited. Code security audits are performed regularly, and design and implementation is made with security in mind at all time.

Free and Open-source

Community Builder is free and open-source - like free beer and freedom.


Community Builder is licensed under the GPL version 2 licensed, allowing deployment and improvements with peace of mind.

Free stable releases

Community Builder is free like beer: We provide free download of stable packages. To thank Joomlapolitans supporting Community Builder by getting the CB documentation subscription (you too ?), CB Team provides them (you too ?) with early release-candidates and some nice thank-you extras, most of them open-source.

120+ CB plugins exist!

Community Builder is in fact only a social framework, which is highly extensible and much extended. Over 120 CB plugins already exist, and new ones are added every week.

Extend CB functionality

You can extend CB functionality with many available CB plugins (free or commercial) – if you can’t find what you want, you can hire developer to create using CB API.

Well supported established leading social framework

Almost all Joomla components have CB integration plugins, allowing for easy installation and integration.

CB Team released plugins

CB Team develops and makes plugins available too, free or for documentation subscribers as additional thank for their (your ?) support.

CBSubs paid memberships plugin with access control

CBSubs commercial plugin extends CB to offer paid membership services that also protect CMS content (built-in ACL control).

Main features at a glance

  1. Works natively with all flavors of Joomla and Mambo

  2. Extended registration – add more fields to registration application, approval workflow via front -end moderation, add captcha for spam protection, real-time (ajax) email address checking, unique username (ajax) checking. Choose one of four available workflows.

  3. Field types supported: text, text area, single checkbox, multi-checkbox, radio, editor area, image, file, ajax text, rating field, integer field and delimiter field. Additional field types can be created and installed as CB plugins

  4. CB login module that displays member image, link to profile, private message integration, captcha integration, etc.

  5. CB Moderation module to present front-end moderation actions for CB Moderators

  6. CB Online module to display online members (also works with Joomla online module)

  7. CB Content module that displays CB menu items, CB Fields and CB Tabs in a module position.

  8. Create unlimited user lists to display specific data for each member. Sort and filter lists as needed. Create specific list menu item. Select which CMS group members should be candidates for user list. Specify if user list is searchable or not. Dynamic user lists transform themselves based on viewer (e.g., show all members that live in the same country as viewer).

  9. Enable profile image uploading and front-end moderation (via CB Workflow module) or allow avatar selection from given gallery avatar items

  10. Enable connections feature to permit members to connect to each other with or without approvals (configurable)

  11. Extend CB profile with CB plugins. Built-in plugins include PMS integration (e.g., uddeIM), forum integration (e.g., Kunena), article integration and newsletter integration (Yanc). CB Team released plugins include: captcha, autowelcome, gallery, profilebook (with blog and wall), privacy plugin.

  12. All front-end elements are language ready and can be modified or translated as needed.

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