PonyGallery Integration (Plugin)

14 years 1 month ago #2731 by nuMarc
Hey all...

I really need a plugin for the PonyGallery. I'm looking for a PHP Coder who can do that for me. I've got a budget from about 200 Dollars.

I need a tab with "User Galleries". In this tab, each user can upload up to 20 pictures. After that, thumbnails are shown in his profile-tab from his images. All thumbnails should be linked directly to the picture in the PonyGallery. Is's important, that the upload function is included in the tab.

If anybody can do that for me, please write me an email:



Not enough cash for a sig :-(
14 years 2 weeks ago #3158 by EmeraldRuby
I can do it.

Please let me know if you still want it done so i can put aside some time to work on it.
14 years 2 weeks ago #3174 by silexian
Many people would like a Pony Gallery plug in.


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14 years 2 weeks ago #3281 by hypnotoad
Yes, a Pony Gallery Tab is definately needed!

But - assuming EmeraldRuby does the job - will that tab be under lGPL too?
Isn't it obligatory to be that, with both CB and Ponygallery being GPL code?

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