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11 years 7 months ago #114412 by bwarlick
No Emails Sent was created by bwarlick
No emails are sent when cbSubs is published.

In CB we have:
Require Admin Approval = No
Require Email Confirmation = No
We have valid information in the Welcome email Subject and message area.

In subscription plan in CBsubs we have:
Plan/Presentaion workflow email texts setup with valid info
Plan/Workflows, User Email Confirmation = Default CB Setting
Plan/Workflows, User Approval by Moderator = Default CB Setting

When we have cbSubs unpublished, the Welcome email is sent to the user and the backend administrator. When we publish cbSubs, no email is sent after registration to the user or the backend administrator.

We are testing using the offline payment method. As a side issue, when we disable the offline payment method and enable the test dummy gateway, we get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" when the credit card icons are clicked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are already passed a deadline.


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11 years 7 months ago #114419 by bwarlick
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Here are a couple more clues...

Just set Joomla global configuration to:
Allow User Registration=No
New User Account Activation=No

Still, no emails sent.

Next, I tested sending mass email and it works perfectly without cbSubs published. So, I published cbSubs and then re-tested sending mass emails and they did not send. I tested this many times with settings both ways and everytime I have cbSubs published the Joomla mass email function will not work. It gives no errors.

Next, I check Joomla global mail settings. It had been set to "php mail function". So, I changed to "sendmail" and now the emails are sent from the Mass Mail function when cbSubs is published and when it is not published.

Maybe it is fixed but... When a user registers with a paid subscription plan and goes through the off-line payment method, no email is sent. But, when I posted an offline payment (which triggers their subscription as being paid) the "Email on first activation" was sent. Is this the correct functionality? I would like an email to be sent to the user right aftet they register, even before we have posted their offline payment.


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11 years 7 months ago #114476 by krileon
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Need more information to reproduce; see Help Us Help You in my signature.

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