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6 months 22 hours ago #309321 by AndyMarchand
The most recent version of CB has the built in ability to let unregistered members use the mail-form to send mails to registered CB members. Comparing to registered users, the visitors will just have to additionally enter their real name and their own e-mail-address.

Since the registered members of my site enter sensitive information in their profiles, that shall only be displayed to registered members and not to public visitors of our site, i set the "Profile View Access Level" in CB > Configuration > User Profile to "Registered".

Then I generated a filtered list, which is accessible to the "Public" visitors, containing the names, departments and phone numbers of some important members and I added the e-mail field as well, in order to let the visitors get in direct contact by mail, but without displaying their respective e-mail-address. I just want to let the visitors send an e-mail message using the e-mail form.

The "Email Handling" is set to "Display Link to Email Form" and "Public Email Form" is set to "Yes" in CB > Configuration > General.

Now when a registered member clicks onto the "send e-mail" Link on the list mentioned above, the "emailuser" mail-form opens and does what it's supposed to do, whereas the public visitors get an error-message, telling them that they don't have access to this site and that they need to login or register. But that's unfortunately not what I wanted to have.

When I change the "Profile View Access Level" to "Public", the e-mail-form problem is solved, but then the visitors get access to the profile, too, and that's not what I wanted either.

Is there a way to solve my problem? Is there a possibility to just give the emailuser-form "Public" access, while the rest of the Profile stays unaccessible to unregistered visitors?

Thanks for your help in advance!
5 months 2 weeks ago #309495 by AndyMarchand
Am I really the only one with this problem?
5 months 2 days ago #309875 by AndyMarchand
I still did not find a workaround for the problem I tried to explain in my first post above.

But since no one replied to my question in the mean time, I wonder, if my description was too bad, if I chose the wrong forum for my question or if there is another problem with my help request?

I would really appreciate any help or hint!

Thank you!
5 months 2 days ago #309876 by AndyMarchand
By the way: The list I am talking about, can be found here:

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