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15 years 6 months ago #3175 by Rubeus6
Search Plugin Request was created by Rubeus6
Is anybody capable of designing a plugin for CB that would allow the customization of a search from members to look for other members by words or listings within the admin-created fields...

for example, I run a large gaming organization & our website features CB, My Members type in thier city, zip code, what games thier into, even thier dating intrests, I'd like to find something that would allow people to be able to seach any & all this kinda like the way you can on MySpace...

Even making it customizable via the admin section on what fields can be searched & which fields cannot...

I know the very basics of PHP & SQL, but am not good enough to program anything like this...

- Jack R. Stewart
- Executive Director
- Ohio Gamers Organization ( )
- Office: 330-474-0577

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