coppermine gallery?

15 years 8 months ago #436 by okstated
coppermine gallery? was created by okstated
Does anyone know of the possibility of a coppermine gallery plugin?

I am looking for a gallery program for my site which will use CB heavily and I would like a gallery that integrates well with CB, however, I would prefer that the gallery have an admin approval system which I believe is only currently available in coppermine.

Other than this requirement I would readily use Gallery 2 simply due to the fact that it integrates with CB.

Then again, I may just be more concerned with the admin approval system than is necessary. Any thoughts? Thanks

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15 years 8 months ago #437 by FerretLife
Replied by FerretLife on topic Re:coppermine gallery?
Take a look at CoppermineVis

They have a paid version for $14.95, and will even install it for you for an extra $9.95. There was a free version but it was removed recently to be upgraded.

From their forum

Coming soon will be the release of a free component called CoppermineVis Basic, which will be the Premium Version minus a some features (copyright hiding, link(login, logout) removals, etc...). More details will be available soon. Hopes are to have it available within a week (by Thanksgiving?).

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15 years 8 months ago #570 by edenapple
Replied by edenapple on topic Re:coppermine gallery?
I have purchased this and I must say it ROCKS. Its a complete integration, and does it very well. Links with Joomla perfectly.

I would VERY much like to see this bridge integrated with CB, it would really work very well!

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15 years 8 months ago #759 by trail
Replied by trail on topic Re:coppermine gallery?
Purchasing.... will check this out.. since zoom causes a too high load on my server, and is still in beta.. i like coppermine..

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15 years 8 months ago #772 by scarleg
Replied by scarleg on topic Re:coppermine gallery?
I am a bit confuced. Is this copperminevis the same version as the "original" coppermine (that still can be found at )?

How ever the things are, i would also like a plugin to this coppermine. :) It is the only gallery that works like a charm on my "safe mode" troubled site.

So all you programmers out there with competence far beyond mine, if you have too much time and nothing to do, please make a plugin for coppermine. ;)


Edit: I just checked it out. Copperminevis is just the component to be used for the integration between coppermine gallery and Joomla. Is this correct or have i read it wrong?

Still... wish to have a plugin for CB to interact directly with coppermine, with CB_user gallery in their own tabs... or something jummy like that.

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15 years 8 months ago #802 by dsendecki
Replied by dsendecki on topic Re:coppermine gallery?
That'd be cool! Here here! I second!

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