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Publicly Searchable CB Directory was created by greenem
I've looked through the Plugins thread, and did not see this specifically, so SORRY in advance if I missed it in the forums.

I am looking for the ability to allow a publicly searchable listing of our sites membership (CB Enabled) with these features;

Sort by Name, Resource, Talent, Positions Held, Business, etc.

To make this a little easier to understand, we are creating a website for the Coachella Valley Film Alliance (Palm Springs area of So. Calif.) to allow 'Hollywood' a place for One Stop Shopping to support their Film or Television project.

An example would be, a Talent Agent would be looking for local actors for a shoot in our area, that agent could go to our site, and search our members profiles for 'Actors' (schema extention required for a Yes/No field 'Actor') and be presented with a list of membership who have checked 'Actor' in their profiles.

The same would be true for 'Producers', 'Directors', Camera Operators, etc... you get the idea.

CB looks like the base framework for this idea, but I do not know how to make the front end look to the back end in CB to search the newly created fields. (fields not yet added to the MySql database.. still planning.)

Sry, this got so long, but wanted to paint a clear picture up-front so replys can focus on the goal, hope I achieved that portion, anyway?

build site at . Thanks in advance.

p.s. if anyone is familiar with Novell's 'eGuide' in their Virtual Office suite, that would help in seeing the general idea/goal.

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